FGDL offers a few tools to keep you informed about when and what new or updated GIS data are available for download:

FGDL Email ListServ

Subscribers receive emails about new and updated FGDL data and other FGDL news. Email volume is approximately 1-3 emails per month.

To subscribe to fgdl-l:
* Send an e-mail to: fgdl-l-join@fgdl.org
* No subject or body text is needed.

To unsubscribe to fgdl-l:
* Send an e-mail to: fgdl-l-leave@fgdl.org
* No subject or body text is needed.

Subscribing/unsubscribing using the web page:
* You may also subscribe, unsubscribe, or manage your membership by visiting the FGDL-L mailing list management page.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the listserv:
* Send an e-mail to: fgdl-l-owner@fgdl.org


FGDL now has an associated RSS feed. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a Web content syndication format. It allows you to monitor changes in web content. Using an RSS enabled browser like Firefox you can see a list of our most recently added or updated layers.

  • Click the RSS symbol in your browsers address bar.
  • Select OK when asked to "Add live bookmark."
  • You should see a new RSS enabled bookmark in your browser toolbar.
  • Reference this bookmark whenever you want to see what's new with FGDL.
  • This feature works in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox Get Firefox!

    The FGDL Widget

    What's a widget? Well, widgets can be whatever you want them to be. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your WiFi signal strength, or even tell you what is happening over at FGDL. The FGDL widget let's you see the eight newest layers (updated nightly), view their metadata, and download them - right from the widget!

    To use the FGDL widget you will need to download and install the Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly known as Konfabulator) and the FGDL Widget (which you can get right here). When you're done you will have a widget that lives on your desktop that looks like the image to the right. Anyway, it's just fun to say widget!

  • Yahoo! Widget Engine
  • FGDL Widget